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In every trade, we have our line of competition. In order to be the one seen,it needs to create an cutting edge comparison with others.

For effective reach and engagement, we extend one’s proposition through provocative, interactive and innovative experiential activations and visual communication.

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As an integrated creative agency, Dalmatian seeks to transform experiences through our very own brand of ingenuity and innovation. With a focus on both traditional and digital media as the fuel to our creative success, staying versatile and flexible to our clients' needs remains Dalmatian's core objective and key guarantee. This guarantee is sealed with the knowledge and experience garnered from servicing a wide-range of clients and our propensity to push the creative boundaries - venturing into cross-disciplinary projects such as solution campaign and interactive event.

At Dalmatian, we go beyond conventional mediums in developing interesting and creative solutions for our clients.

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event activation

Activation is a crucial part of brand and awareness building. Many entities are using activations to boost popularity by developing consumer experience.

It can be performed in various aspects, such as product sampling, in-store retail marketing, experiential events etc. And of course, it has to be of provocative substance to create an emotional impact for attention.

Key objective of an activation is to tab on consumers' passion with creative strategies and ideas. Through forms of events, activation connects and engages the audience and effectively communicate one's core messages in a experiential environment.

graphic design

Which is also known as communication design - an art or practice of projecting ideas and experiences with visual or textual content. The form of the communication can be physical or virtual, and may be applied with images, words, as well as graphic components (such as infographics).

Although the utmost task of an effective graphic design work is to deliver the right message to the right audience, howeverour sights are flooded with various similar contents in our daily context. Thus for one's design work to be discovered, it needs to be loud and communicative in a distinctive manner so as to set it apart from the competitors.


Multimedia encompasses not only all forms of visual arts, but it also includes non-visual components, such as sound, animation, video etc. In addition, multimedia art may incorporate other "arts" such as literature, dance, drama, or graphic elements into the work.

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